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What to do if the widget doesn't show up on the website ?

In this article, we will show you a few options on what to do if the widget doesn't appear on the website or what can trigger the issue.
First of all, please check the widget status, probably the widget is in draft status, and you need to activate it.

During operating hours - the widget will be visible on all of your website pages. Out of operating hours - the widget will be hidden.
You need to ensure you have set the right time zone or operating hours, also we recommend to set the option display always at least to test it, based on these setting, the widget will always appear on the website, and it'll be easier to test.

In whitelisted domains you need to provide the URL of the website this widget will be active on. You only need to enter your website's domain, not including the "https://" or anything that comes after a "/". Also your website must have SSL\TLS enabled.

Please note: if the URL you've entered does not match your website's URL, the widget will not show up on your website.

In this variant please make sure that you have added the activation code to the <head></head> section on your external website.

Cache issue - in this case, please clean the cache and cookies in your web browser or visit the website in incognito mode.

If you followed up by all these steps and the widget still not showing up on your website, please contact our support team.

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Updated on: 14/10/2021

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