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The phone calls calculator

In this article we would like to introduce our new tool for calculating calls prices

Once you've finished onboarding and landed on the EasyCall Dashboard, you will see the Calculate call price button on the top of the page.

Upon clicking on the button, you will see an interface asking you to select a from country of which the call was originated from.

πŸ’‘ TIP: You can scroll the list down to find a country you are interested in or start typing its name

Once you've selected a country you will need to choose one of the phone number types:

After confirming your selection by clicking the Continue button, you will have to select a To country, the destination of the call we'll calculate the price for.

πŸ’‘ TIP: You can also scroll or type the name of the country.

As soon as you will select a receiving country, you will see two options to calculate the cost:

You can click Show an approx. price button to see an approximate call cost per minute for calling this country, using the phone type from the country selected in the previous step.

Or you can click Calculate the price for specific phone number button and enter a specific phone number, to calculate the call price for.

If you were satisfied with the prices and want to purchase a phone number, you can click Add number button on the bottom of the calculator to move straight to the phone number purchasing screen.

πŸ’‘ TIP: Phone number monthly price will be also marked on the bottom of the calculator.

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Updated on: 23/02/2022

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