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Space Billing | EasyCall Web Call Center

Space Billing Settings

🤖You can get to your EasyCall Space Billing Settings by going to the Billing section placed at the left side menu:
Space > Billing

There are three sections available:
Plan Information - In this part you can view and change your current plan, as well as view your next payment date. Also, you can view your upcoming bill, with it's details like plan sum, outgoing calls sum, incoming call sum, and phone numbers cost.
Current Billing Method - In this part you can view and edit your primary billing method. Also, you can click Cancel to delete your billing method and subscription.

Note: deleting you billing method will prevent you from receiving and making calls
Receipts - In this table you will see your payment history. You can find invoice sum, date and plan, as well as download invoice to your computer.

Space Billing | EasyCall Web Call Center

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Updated on: 16/06/2021

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