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Onboarding | EasyCall Web Call Center

EasyCall Onboarding

Once you installed EasyCall via App market, you will need to open it from your Apps list and you will be redirected to the Login Dashboard

1️⃣ Step 1

First thing to start with is creating your EasyCall account by clicking Create new account
Enter your name to the Your first name field
Enter your last name to the Your last name field
Enter your valid email to the Your email field

Please save entered email as you will use it later to log in to your EasyCall account
Enter a password to the Choose your password field.

Please save entered password as you will use it later to log in to your EasyCall account

Activate created account by clicking confirmation button in the account activation email.

📢 If you already have an EasyCall account, you can skip this step and log in to the app

2️⃣ Step 2

Once you logged in, you will need to give your space a name

Space name - is a name of your working space that you will see on visiting the app
And a Subdomain

Subdomain can be used to visit your account by a unique link.

3️⃣ Step 3

When you clicked create new space, you will be redirected to your account dashboard where you will need to choose a plan for your store

Once you selected the plan, you will be redirected to the store page to approve subscription

4️⃣ Step 4

Now you need to select the way you want to receive calls


You can add a widget created in EasyCall to your website to let your customers call you - How To Create A Click To Call Widget

Phone numbers

You can buy a phone number in Our app to receive calls on it - How To Buy A Business Phone Number For Your eCommerce Business | EasyCall Web Call Center

You can create another widget or buy additional phone number any time, doesn't matter which option you selected on this step

Once you finished with last step your app is set-up and ready to use

Navigation in the app

On the dashboard you can check your latest activity, list of agents and calls performance


Calls page allows you to check and sort all calls received/made in the app


On widgets page you can check and edit your current widgets or create a new one

Phone Numbers

Phone numbers page allows you to check/edit your current widgets or buy a new phone number


On analytics page you can check your calls performance for Agents/Departments


This page allows you to set up integration with Crisp or Gorgias

Account settings

In this menu you can change email address/password, personal details, working hours, call forwarding settings


Here you can add/edit/assign your agents


On this page you can create departments for different purposes

Support department/Technical department etc..

Space settings

Here you can change Space name and check connected stores


Billing page allows you to check/change your current plan and preview upcoming payments

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Updated on: 01/07/2021

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