How to make an outgoing calls

In this tutorial you will find out how to make a call from the app. First of all you need to buy a phone number in the app. You can check this detailed tutorial to find out how to buy one:
How To Buy A Business Phone Number For Your eCommerce Business | EasyCall Web Call Center

👆If you already bought a number in our app, you can skip this step and move forward directly to the call.

1️⃣Step 1

Click Make call button on the top-left corner of the screen

2️⃣Step 2

Enter a phone number you would like to call into the call widget

3️⃣Step 3

Choose a phone number you would like to use to make a call (if you have more than one number bought in the app)

4️⃣Step 4

Click Call button and in few seconds call will begin

You can check price per minute on the bottom of the call widget.

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