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How To Create A Click To Call Widget | EasyCall Web Call Center

How To Create A Click To Call Widget

In order to create a new widget in your store, go to the widget section on the left side menu panel.

Then click the "Add Widget" button.

Next, you need to choose a platform, Shopify or manual installation.

Let's take a look at Shopify as an example and get started with you customizing the widget step by step.

1️⃣Widget design

In this step you will design your widget's appearance to fit your website and needs.

In your widget's design, you can control the following:
Widget name - this is the internal name of the widget for you use alone, customers will not see it
Desktop text - add some text to your widget. If let blank, the widget will only contain the phone logo
Mobile text - same as desktop text, but controls the widget's appearance on mobile

Background color - controls the background color for the logo section of the widget
Text background color - controls the background color of the text section of the widget
Text color
Icon color
Border color - controls the color of the icon area border
Position - place the widget at the bottom right/left of the screen
Branding - remove the "powered by" branding. Only available for the GROWTH plan and up

Preview section

Throughout the process of creating your widget, you will have a preview section at the right side of the screen, where you can see what your widget will look like on mobile and desktop separately.

2️⃣Operating hours

In this step, you will determine when your widget is available, and set up a voicemail that your customers will hear if their call is unanswered.

Your widget's operating hours will determine when the widget is visible on your website:
During operating hours - the widget will be visible on all of your website pages.
Out of operating hours - the widget will be hidden.

In the operating hours dropdown, you have 3 options:
Always- your widget will always appear on the website
Specific times- a date and time picker will open up for you to select the days and hours your widget will be available at
When connected agents are available - the widget will only appear if one of your agents are connected to the EasyCall dashboard

📝NOTE: You must select an option in order to move to the next step of your widget creation

⚠️ WARNING: Also, make sure that the working hours match in the agent profile that is attached to the widget


In this section you will set up your widget's voicemail - this is optional, and you can skip it if you wish to. However, this give you the control over what you customers hear when their calls go unanswered. You can create your voicemail in 2 different ways:

Upload an audio file - record your own voicemail and upload it to the widget

💡TIP: Supported formats: audio/basic, audio/L24, audio/mp4, audio/mpeg, audio/ogg, audio/vorbis, audio/vnd.rn-realaudio, audio/vnd.wave, audio/3gpp, audio/3gpp2, audio/ac3, audio/webm, audio/amr-nb, audio/amr

Voice transcript - write the text of your voicemail, and EasyCall will create a voice transcript for you. Please note that voice might sound a little mechanic, so playing around with the text and punctuations can help

📝NOTE: Please note - this only works with English text

4️⃣Call forwarding

Here you select an agent or department that will be linked to the widget and to which calls will be redirected. If your widget is out of working hours, or your agent, calls will automatically be forwarded to voicemail.

5️⃣Additional settings

Widget name - name of you widget
Customer call timeout (in seconds) - after what time the call will be forward to the voicemail.
Whitelisted domains - this is the last step in your widget setup, you will provide the URL of the website this widget will be active on. You only need to enter your website's domain, not including the "https://" or anything that comes after a "/".

📝Note: if the URL you have entered does not match your website's URL, the widget will not show up on your website

Once you enter your URL, click "save & activate" to activate the widget, or "save" to save it as a draft.

After activation, the Activation Code will also be shown below.
Activation code - show with your widget's code - copy this code and enter it right before your website's "</head>" tag:

If you need help connecting your EasyCall widget to your website, contact us through support, or check out our articles:
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Add an EasyCall widget to your WordPress website

Once you've created your first widget, you can either create a phone number, or click "I'll do it later" to be redirected to your widgets page, where you can see and edit your new widget.

⏭Next step:

Connect a payment method to start receiving calls

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Updated on: 24/06/2021

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