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How charges for the app are calculated?

EasyCall prices are calculated based on your usage of the app. You will be charged according to the minutes talked on the app. Also, the final monthly bill basing on these 4 services:

Plan - you can check all the prices for each plan by following this link:

Outgoing calls - follow this link to enable it: How to make an outgoing call with EasyCall?
The price per each outgoing call may vary base on the region where you want to make a call and your plan. For example, a call from the US to Ukraine will cost you 0.540/min while to Spain it will cost 0.099/min. The estimated price you can always check before making any call on the EasyCall widget.

Incoming calls - these calls include both, widget calls and calls from the business number. The price per minute is the same here as mentioned above.

Note: An unanswered call is counted as one minute call.

Phone numbers -The price per number also may vary per region. For more details please follow this link - Buy Your First Phone Number With EasyCall

Also, if you still have any questions, feel free to ask our support team via live chat.

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Updated on: 14/10/2021

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