Gorgias and EasyCall Integration

🤖The integration with Gorgias will allow you to automatically create a ticket when a call is starting (either inbound or outbound), and automatically tag it based on triggers such as:
Unanswered call
Answered call
Recording available
Voicemail available
Automatically tagged inbound calls
Automatically tagged outbound calls
Automatically close tickets for answered calls

TIP: You can also automatically assign those tickets to the agent who answered them by syncing EasyCall agents with Gorgias agents.

Setting up the integration

1️⃣ To start, head over to the Integrations page on your EasyCall dashboard:

Head over to the integrations page on your EasyCall dashboard

2️⃣ Select Gorgias from the integration options (you need to hover over the Gorgias option in order to see the "Setup" button):

Select Gorgias from the integration options

3️⃣ On the next page you'll have to insert your Gorgias credentials:
Gorgias domain - can be found in your Gorgias dashboard URL:
Gorgias domain
Gorgias username (email) - the email of the Gorgias account owner, used to create the Gorgias account. This email can be found by heading over to the Gorgias account owner profile:

Gorgias account owner email
Gorgias API key - can be found under Settings -> REST API -> Password (API Key):

Getting the Gorgias API key

After adding all the details click the "Connect account" button. After successfully connecting the accounts clicks the "Next" button:

Connect Gorgias to your EasyCall account

4️⃣ Sources - in this step you can select which numbers or click to call widgets will create a ticket in Gorgias in case an inbound or outbound call is going through these sources. Click the "Next" button when you're done configuring your sources:

Select call sources to sync with Gorgias

5️⃣ Agents - in this step you can connect Gorgias agents with EasyCall agents in order to automatically assign call tickets to those agents. When you're done connecting agent, click the "Next" button:

Connect Gorgias agents with EasyCall agents

6️⃣ Additional settings - in this final step you can choose weather or not to:
Auto tag answered calls
Auto tag unanswered calls
Auto tag calls with recordings
Auto tag calls with voicemails
Auto tag inbound calls
Auto tag outbound calls
Auto tag call source 'Phone Call/Widget Call'
Close Gorgias ticket if call was answered

NOTE: In actions related to tags you can also customise the tags.
👆Once you're done, click the "Finish setup" button to complete the integration.

Gorgias integration additional settings

EasyCall & Gorgias integration completed!

💡Additional notes:
If you head back to the Integrations page, you can now see an indication about the integration being active, you can hover over the Gorgias option to either, Disable, Delete or Edit the integration settings:

Gorgias + EasyCall integration - Active indication

Edit, Disable or Delete the Gorgias integration

✅The integration is now ready, EasyCall calls will now create tickets in your Gorgias dashboard according to the settings you've configured.

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