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FAQ | EasyCall Web Call Center

Here we added the most asked questions about the app. EasyCall

Is your app compatible only with shopify ?
No, you can also use it with WiX or WordPress.

Can I send/receive the SMS by this app?
Not at the moment, we will add this option in future.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Unfortunately no. If you want to discuss any partnership, you should contact us via live chat.

I don't see the widget on my site.
Please check your operating hrs. in the widget settings and also check if the app enable/disable.

How can I create the widget ?
How To Create A Click To Call Widget | EasyCall Web Call Center

Do you have 800 numbers or the toll free?
Not at the moment unfortunately, this is on our roadmap. we will add it in our future updates.

Can I fixed the widget position on different pages?
We will add an option to display the widget on different pages based on URL and other parameters but it'll take some time.

I can't set up a number for my country, The provided address cannot be validated.
For now, we provide a phone numbers not for all countries.

I do not receive a notification on the laptop/pc/mobile when an incoming call.
Please check your call forwarding settings and also check the operating hours.

Does it have a cvs feature for uploading contacts?

How to set up call forwarding?
1. You need to connect your mobile phone number 2. You need to set operational hours 3. You need to set call forwarding

Is this service free?
No, this is not free. The fee occurs every month, depending on payment plan and how much calls were made.

Is there a way to send event data to Google Analytics?
Unfortunately no.

Can I translate the english text ?
You can translate the text when you create a new widget

Where can I find the EasyCall tutorials?
Please follow this link.

Can I add your app. to WordPress or WIX site ?

Can I save my number and voice mail but deleting easycall from shopify?
It's not possible unfortunately.

Can I use multiple agents to answer the calls ?
Unfortunately for now available only 1 at the same time, other customers will be redirected to voicemail. We will add the function to support multiple calls in our future app updates.

Can I hide my phone number in outgoing calls?
No, but we will implement this in our future updates.

Can I change my plan at any time?
Yes of course, from settings -> billing

My number got deactivated, why did this happen?
It might be because your trial period has ended and you haven't selected a plan

Can we mask phone number with our brand name?
Unfortunately for now its not possible.

Can I transfer a phone number from other services ?

Am I getting charged for unanswered calls?
Yes, unanswered call counting as 1 min call.

Can I make video calls?

How to cancel my subscription?
You just need to delete the app if you want to cancel subscription

Can I export calls in CSV or other files ?

What happens if 2 or more people call at the same time?
During a call, if another call is coming in, the agent will see another "incoming call widget". If he clicks decline, it'll go to voicemail and the previous call will continue, If he clicks accept, the original call will be terminated and the agent moves the new customer.

Does 'push notifications' has an additional costs?

Can I connect 2 stores from the same account ?

How can I remove the branding and what the price?
It's available from the GROWTH plan of $50/month

Can we play a tone/music when customer calls ?
Unfortunately not for now.

Can i add my own number to the widget?

Is there a way to get notified of any voicemails via email?
Unfortunately, there is no way to do this.

If I don't find a solution how to solve my issue ?
Please, contact our support team via live chat.

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Updated on: 14/10/2021

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