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Crisp & EasyCall Integration | Connect Your Call Center To Your eCommerce CRM

Crisp integration

🤖The integration with Crisp will allow you to automatically create a ticket when a call is starting (either inbound or outbound), and automatically tag it based on triggers such as:

Unanswered call
Answered call
Recording available
Voicemail available
Automatically tagged inbound calls
Automatically tagged outbound calls
Automatically close tickets for answered calls

💡 TIP: You can also automatically assign those tickets to the agent who answered them by syncing EasyCall agents with Crisp agents.

Setting up the integration

1️⃣ To start, head over to the Integrations page on your EasyCall dashboard:

Head over to the integrations page on your EasyCall dashboard

2️⃣ Select Crisp from the integration options (you need to hover over the Crisp option in order to see the "Setup" button):

Select Crisp from the integration options

3️⃣ On the next page you'll have to insert your Crisp credentials - Crisp website id and Crisp subscription token

To get this information you need to open your Crisp account:

Website settings
Click integrations next to the website name

See all integrations
Choose EasyCall integration and press install

In opened window it will show you required information.

After successful submitting the information click Next to proceed to the Sources page

Here you will need to choose which widgets and phone numbers you would like to sync with Crisp

Once you selected all desired widgets/phone numbers you can proceed to the Agents page by clicking Next button

On the Agents page you will need to select which agents you would like to sync between Crisp and EasyCall

By clicking Next button we will arrive at the final page of the integration setup

On the Settings page we need to choose desired option by checking boxes next to their names

💡 TIP:You can change tags text by entering your variant to the text fields

Click Finish setup and the integration is now ready, EasyCall calls will now create tickets in your Crisp dashboard according to the settings you've configured. Also if you require any assistance just contact our support team, we are always here to help you.

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Updated on: 20/02/2022

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