Contacts page allows you to add/delete and customize your contacts.

You can find Contacts page in the app main menu on the left side of the screen.

First element of the Contacts page - is a Add contact button.

Upon clicking on it you will see a new contact form where you need to enter customer name and mobile phone number.

After clicking Create Contact - new contact will be added to your contacts list.

Contacts will be displayed in alphabetic order.

Second element of the Contacts page - is a Search field.

It allows you to search your contacts by the Name or Phone number.

Third element of the Contacts page - is a filter for number of displayed contacts per page.

You can select in the drop-down menu how many contacts you would like to see per page.

Available filters: 10/20/50 contacts per page.

Next goes short summary for each of your contacts.


Under Contact column you will see the name of the contact .
or a phone number if you kept Name field empty upon creating a new contact.

Phone number

Under Phone Number column you will see contact's phone number.

Date Created

Under Date Created* column you will see exact time when the contact was added.

Last Activity

Under Last Activity* column you will see the date of the last call of each contact

Total calls/Duration

Under Total calls/Duration column you will see total number of calls you have with a contact and their total duration.


In the Actions column there is a button for deleting contact

Contact benchmarks and additional details

Each contact name is clickable and will open you a detailed analytics of a contact and the page to add additional information about the contact

Contact analytics

Upon clicking a contact name you will see a new page with detailed analytics of the selected contact.

Contact benchmark

Here you will be able to select date range for displaying the benchmark.

Four main benchmarks are:

Total calls - will show you how many calls did you have with a selected contact during a specific period

Average call duration - displays average call duration with selected contact during specific period

Total incoming calls - displays total number of incoming calls from a selected contact during specific period

Total outgoing calls - displays total number of outgoing calls to the selected contact during specific period

Personal Details

In personal details section you can fulfill contact's:
Full Name
Company Name

Contact information section you can fulfill contact's::
Province / State
ZIP code

All those fields are optional and not necessary for fulfilling

Phone numbers

Each contact is able to have :

One Primary phone number
And countless Secondary phone numbers

Latest Activity

In the latest activity section you can find next information:

Source - from which number call was made

Date - when call was made

Direction - incoming/outgoing

Duration - length of the call

Status - Completed/Missed

Call Recording - recording of the call

Call recording available only from Essential and higher plans.
Voicemail - recording of the voicemail

You can use Direction/Source/Status/Sort filters

The last section of contact details - is a Delete contact section

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