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Agent Management: Local & Remote Teams | EasyCall Web Call Center

🛂Agent Management: Local & Remote Teams | EasyCall Web Call Center

You can add a new agents to your EasyCall space by following this short guide or watch the youtube tutorial video.

📝NOTE: Add agents feature available only on paid plans, so please check it first before start adding the agents.

📌Agents invitation

First of all, you need to invite the agents to your space. You can find agents section in the left menu on the app. dashboard, then click the button "Add Agent"

Here you need to add:
Agent email
Select the department (optional setting)
Click the Send Invitation button

Click the Ok button

New Agent Invited
Check your email inbox and click the Accept Invitation button ( 💡TIP: If the Accept Invitation button does not work, please use the link to accept your invitation)

Accept Invitation
Fill agent's first and last name, and choose the password

📌Agent settings

Once the agent complete the registration process, you will be able to manage his/her working settings (working hours, call forwarding etc.). The agent also can manage following settings as well as his account settings.

📝NOTE: These settings available only for agent's account.
Edit Account Information
Edit Personal Details
Edit personal number settings
Upload profile picture

If the agent select to receive the call to his phone number first of all he/she need to connect it (verify the cell number via sms code), then select the option to forward Incoming calls to his/her personal number.

📌How to attach Web Widget and/or Business Phone Number to the agent

First of all you need to buy a phone number or create a widget if you want to attach widget and/or business phone number to the agent

💡TIP: You can check how to do this here - How To Create A Click To Call Widget | EasyCall Web Call Center, How To Buy A Business Phone Number For Your eCommerce Business | EasyCall Web Call Center

1️⃣How to connect the agents to your EasyCall widget:

2️⃣How to connect the agents to your EasyCall business number:

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Updated on: 01/07/2021

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