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Account Settings | EasyCall Web Call Center

EasyCall account settings

In this tutorial you will find all the information related to the EasyCall account settings. First of all we need to open the settings, you can do it by clicking Account in the Settings menu.


Benchmarks allow you to check:
Total answered calls
Total rejected calls
Total timed out calls
Total outgoing calls
Average call duration

You can select a date range with a help of date picker

Profile picture

This option allows you to upload a picture for your profile from your desktop/mobile device

Edit Account Information

Next block allows you to change your account email/password

Personal details

Here you can add following information:

User Information
First name
Last name
Company name

Contact Information
Zip Code

Working Hours

In this block you can set up your company working hours. Out of working hours all calls will be automatically redirected to the voicemail.


This element displays your role in the current Space and allows you to remove department/widget/phone number assignment

Personal number settings

Here you can connect your personal phone number by validating it with SMS. Personal phone number can be used to enable call forwarding from a widget or phone number bought in EasyCall straight to your phone.

Call Forwarding

Here you will choose where would you like to receive calls


During working hours calls will be displayed on the app dashboard

Personal phone number

During working hours calls will be forwarded to your personal phone number

Delete Account & Organization

The last element of the Account settings page is deleting the account.

Account deleting is irreversible. Upon deleting owner account all attached spaces will be also deleted

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Updated on: 18/06/2021

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